On-Site Jewelry Repair

At Wellington & Co Fine Jewelers, we perform all jewelry repairs on-site quickly and efficiently, giving you the peace of mind knowing your precious jewelry is in the hands of experienced and dedicated professionals. Hand-carved waxes, computer-aided design, setting, casting and finishing is all done on-site by our talented staff. We offer an extensive number of jewelry repair services from polishing, tightening stones, soldering, ring resizing, rebuilding bent or crushed old jewelry, to a full restoration.

Ring Sizing

Received an heirloom ring and need it resized? No worries! We can reduce or enlarge rings in gold, platinum, sterling silver, or other precious metals. Rings purchased from Wellington & Co Fine Jewelers come with a complimentary ring sizing. We will measure your finger size and help you to determine the correct size.

Polishing, Rhodium Plating & Refinishing

Let our goldsmiths polish and refinish your dull, worn or scratched jewelry to give it that new look again. Jewelry purchased from Wellington & Co Fine Jewelers comes with a free polish up to one time per year, for as long as you own it.

Checking and Tightening Stones

Loose stones can be caused by worn or bent prongs and may be lost. We offer free jewelry check and clean whether your jewelry is purchased from us or not. If we detect any loose stones we can tighten the stones for a small fee.

Soldering Silver, Gold & Platinum

Whether you want to solder your engagement ring and wedding band together to reduce wear and tear, solder your broken chain or earrings, or solder charms onto a bracelet, Wellington & Co Fine Jewelers is the right place to go. No job is too big or too small.

Prong Re-tipping & Crown Repair

When prongs become thin and worn they can break easily and could fail to hold the stones securely. In order to protect your ring, we recommend having it checked every six months to catch any potential issues before they arise. Re-tipping is the process of building up the prongs on your ring so that they continue to keep your stones safe and secure.

Matching and Replacing Lost Stones

Have you lost a melee diamond in your pave set engagement ring? We offer diamond melee replacement and, with a large selection of melee diamond in stock, we are able to match the quality of your existing diamonds.